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CN-106619511-A: 姜黄素纳米胶束口服混悬液、凝胶及其应用 patent, CN-106619976-A: 一种外用o/w型微乳眼部喷雾剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106620974-A: 一种电控气动组织修复喷洒装置及组织修复喷洒方法 patent, CN-106621190-A: Method, device and system for performing simulation running on map data based on running machine patent, CN-106621537-A: A water vending machine capable of automatic filter core prompting patent, CN-106621757-A: Recovery treatment device and treatment method of chlorosilane analysis waste gases patent, CN-106622134-A: 一种霹雳果壳、开心果壳/木鱼石吸附剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106622891-A: 一种紫外辐照辅助等离子体聚合表面涂层装置及方法 patent, CN-106622974-A: Fresh tea leaf winnowing feeding machine patent, CN-106623151-A: Collection and oil scraping device for automobile automatic gearbox assembling and disassembling table patent, CN-106623529-A: 一种实腹式大截面旋转楼梯目字形箱梁及制作方法 patent, CN-106624202-A: Tooth milling clamp for gear clutch with even number of straight teeth patent, CN-106625556-A: Mechanical arm capable of achieving 360-degree rotation patent, CN-106625907-A: Wood veneer gluing equipment and recombined wood preparation method patent, CN-106625969-A: 全自动模板脚墩打钉切割机 patent, CN-106627102-A: 一种轮毂电机驱动装置 patent, CN-106628367-A: Convenient chopstick processing conveying device patent, CN-106628454-A: 一种火腿肠开封器 patent, CN-106628488-A: 一种移液吸头包装盒 patent, CN-106628896-A: 一种可同步调节的驱动机构 patent, CN-106630066-A: 一种复合絮凝剂的制备方法 patent, CN-106630894-A: Inorganic binding material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106631213-A: 一种猪粪堆肥高效去除抗生素的方法 patent, CN-106632361-A: Method for synthesizing optical pure biotin intermediate lactone patent, CN-106633119-A: Micro-porous organic silicon microspheres and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106633195-A: A nanometer cellulose/clay transparent nanometer composite material and a preparing method thereof patent, CN-106633599-A: Easy-to-scrub resin containing nanometer powder for toy patent, CN-106633618-A: Preparation method of high-strength chalking-resistant phenolic heat insulating material patent, CN-106633715-A: Graphene modified carbon black/calcium carbonate/polycaprolactone composite conductive polymeric material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106635717-A: 一种青稞红曲醋的酿造方法 patent, CN-106635732-A: Production method of red dragon fruit vinegar patent, CN-106638929-A: 一种带有三级车载污水处理装置的吸污车 patent, CN-106639362-A: Multi-storey building and building group patent, CN-106640080-A: 一种深部高应力环境下自稳窿形采场布置采矿方法 patent, CN-106640445-A: 汽车空气滤清器 patent, CN-106640864-A: 一种用于镀膜的螺纹紧固式快速拆装结构 patent, CN-106641175-A: Automobile, differential of automobile and TCU patent, CN-106641309-A: 一种石油运输管道抗压板 patent, CN-106642203-A: 对室内无污染的下引式取暖炉 patent, CN-106642249-A: 一种双风机串联的吸油烟机 patent, CN-106642339-A: Small space simple continuous air dehumidification device patent, CN-106643041-A: 一种中药晾晒架 patent, CN-106644732-A: Roof caving monitoring test system patent, CN-106645291-A: Online detecting device for corrosion protection of shutdown and standby thermal system patent, CN-106645300-A: 一种固体表面盐分含量测定传感器 patent, CN-106645436-A: Method for analyzing adrenocortical hormone fluorometholone content and related substances patent, CN-106645991-A: Electron radiation test device and method of space-borne ultra-light alloy material patent, CN-106646277-A: Drilling fluid sedimentary stability evaluation device and method patent, CN-106646454-A: Target fast searching and recognizing method of space-based alarm monitoring system patent, CN-106646676-A: Sounding balloon and aerological detection system patent, CN-106646723-A: 一种光线传导部件、光线传导组件及移动终端 patent, CN-106647685-A: Vehicle-mounted terminal for electric vehicle patent, CN-106647720-A: 基于互联网的移动验配诊断车载平台 patent, CN-106648034-A: Method and system for realizing power-saving mode of mobile terminal patent, CN-106648039-A: System and method for gesture control patent, CN-106649051-A: Breathing light module and mobile terminal patent, CN-106649603-A: Webpage text data sentiment classification designated information push method patent, CN-106649676-A: Duplication eliminating method and device based on HDFS storage file patent, CN-106650251-A: 一种针灸力反馈形变模型的建模方法 patent, CN-106651470-A: 一种基于用户行为预测分析的广告定向推广系统 patent, CN-106653438-A: Interactive intelligent tablet, key structure and fabrication method of light guide post patent, CN-106655987-A: 一种太阳能薄膜电池安装展示架 patent, CN-106656675-A: 一种传输节点集群的检测方法和装置 patent, CN-106657047-A: 一种网络访问关系的生成方法及装置 patent, CN-106658090-A: 电视机的激活量统计方法及系统 patent, CN-106659978-A: Composite hollow fiber membrane module and manufacturing method therefor patent, CN-106660104-A: 用于生产餐具的方法及餐具冲裁工具 patent, CN-106660829-A: 处理固体和液体以及被污染的土壤和水体的方法和技术过程 patent, CN-106661076-A: 制备取代的核苷酸类似物的方法 patent, CN-106662207-A: Centrifugal pendulum patent, CN-106663288-A: Apparatus and method for zone management patent, CN-106664232-A: Control device patent, CN-106664779-A: Control system and sensor unit patent, CN-106665196-A: 一种农业用栽种箱 patent, CN-1066653-A: Benzoheterocyclic compounds patent, CN-106665956-A: 龙井香椿茶的加工方法 patent, CN-106666568-A: 桑枝嫩梢泡菜的制备方法 patent, CN-106666765-A: 花生加工生产流水线 patent, CN-106667409-A: 一种洗碗机用干燥系统 patent, CN-106667733-A: Simulated hand and shoulder massaging device patent, CN-106671626-A: 醇溶性油墨披覆膜印刷工艺及应用 patent, CN-106672244-A: Spring percussion mechanism patent, CN-106673444-A: Preparation method of yttrium zirconate ceramic glaze material having photocatalytic function patent, CN-106673670-A: Preparation method of high-purity silicon nitride powder patent, CN-106673788-A: Special organic fertilizer for watermelons patent, CN-106673808-A: Seaweed medical fertilizer and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106675583-A: Pyrolysis device patent, CN-106675952-A: Blueberry health wine and making method thereof patent, CN-106677330-A: 一种梁柱铰接体系的地铁车站结构 patent, CN-106677807-A: 一种折叠式钢拱架及其安装方法 patent, CN-106677893-A: Turbocharger with linear reciprocating drive exhaust bypass system patent, CN-106677933-A: 一种水端可控的egr冷却系统 patent, CN-106679124-A: System and method for achieving air conditioner temperature control through wearable device patent, CN-106679356-A: 一种电热循环烘干机 patent, CN-106679958-A: 一种行星滚柱丝杠综合性能测试平台 patent, CN-106680617-A: 基于无线采样的电能质量测试分析装置 patent, CN-106681055-A: 一种显示装置 patent, CN-106681560-A: 触摸屏及其驱动方法 patent, CN-106681616-A: Browser function bar display method, browser function bar display device and processing equipment patent, CN-106681648-A: 用于计算机设备的手势导航方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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