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JP-H0431020-A: Mold for composite molding patent, JP-H04310432-A: Operating device for automatic transmission patent, JP-H04311223-A: Data output device patent, JP-H04311397-A: Method for regenerating or exchanging substrate of filler for measuring activity of enzyme patent, JP-H04311532-A: Device and method for controlling atmospheric flow in continuous annealing furnace patent, JP-H04311649-A: Misfire detecting method for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H04312155-A: Bus adaptor patent, JP-H04312584-A: Aryl (or heteroaryl)piperadinylazole derivatives, their production and their medicinal applications patent, JP-H04313392-A: Water purifying equipment patent, JP-H04313521-A: Paper sheet cartridge patent, JP-H04313627-A: Mounting bridge for air conditioner patent, JP-H04314384-A: Manufacture of printed wiring board patent, JP-H04315431-A: Method of forming insulating film patent, JP-H04315517-A: Lapping finishing method for gear patent, JP-H04315649-A: Sheet material patent, JP-H04316260-A: Series call connection system patent, JP-H04316865-A: Device for correction of character pattern patent, JP-H04317872-A: Bonnet structure of tractor patent, JP-H04317910-A: Automatic storehouse picking apparatus patent, JP-H04317913-A: Single faceted round back wire, oblique crimp connecting rod woven wire conveyor belt, and their manufacture patent, JP-H04318035-A: Prepreg and its production patent, JP-H04318250-A: Self-diagnostic device in fuel supplier for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H04318741-A: Key telephone set patent, JP-H04319750-A: Error detection correcting circuit patent, JP-H04321279-A: Gallium nitride base compound semiconductor light-emitting device patent, JP-H04321473-A: Working vehicle running control structure patent, JP-H04321894-A: Plastic pipe welding method patent, JP-H04322032-A: Manufacture of transistor with vacuum microelectronics patent, JP-H04323067-A: Apparatus for adjusting printing gap in printer patent, JP-H0432327-A: Video conference system patent, JP-H04323981-A: Recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H04324041-A: Individual air conditioner patent, JP-H04325069-A: Packaging film, material for keeping freshness of food and freshness-keeping method patent, JP-H0432517-A: Production of grain-oriented silicon steel sheet reduced in iron loss patent, JP-H04325521-A: Curable epoxy resin composition patent, JP-H04326482-A: Plotter/display device patent, JP-H04327427-A: Bar like article feed hopper patent, JP-H04327787-A: Circulating water pipe device patent, JP-H04328487-A: Manufacture of electroformed type with pattern patent, JP-H04329090-A: Time extending circuit patent, JP-H04329324-A: Optical sensor and optical measuring method using it patent, JP-H04329828-A: Production of grain-oriented silicon steel sheet excellent in magnetic property patent, JP-H04330378-A: Non-contact ignition device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H04331134-A: Manufacture and device of job order patent, JP-H04331140-A: Laminated product and its fabricating method patent, JP-H04331561-A: Raster input scanner having diagnostic mode for lighting performance prediction inspection patent, JP-H04331713-A: Amorphous ferroelectric oxide material and its production patent, JP-H04331923-A: Active matrix display device patent, JP-H04331995-A: Automatic accompaniment device patent, JP-H04332697-A: Writing utensil patent, JP-H04332758-A: Resin composition having excellent impact resistance and thermal stability patent, JP-H04333322-A: Bending machine patent, JP-H04333506-A: Method for dephosphorizing molten iron patent, JP-H04333896-A: Ultrasonic wave generation device patent, JP-H04333968-A: Inside video auction device patent, JP-H04334492-A: Powder ink patent, JP-H04334639-A: Soundproof device for floor of vehicle operation room patent, JP-H04334655-A: Damping device for train patent, JP-H04334880-A: Connection device for terminal patent, JP-H04335397-A: Automatic performance device patent, JP-H04335605-A: Line of sight detector and camera with the same patent, JP-H04335658-A: Color image forming device patent, JP-H04338178-A: Porous magnesia sintered body and production thereof patent, JP-H04338214-A: Device for decreasing nitrogen oxides patent, JP-H04339052-A: Windshield washer liquid heater on engine cooling liquid circuit patent, JP-H04340003-A: Wick-lifting kerosene stove patent, JP-H0434106-A: Sprinkler valve patent, JP-H04341950-A: Optical head device patent, JP-H04342088-A: Method and device for reading image and business form patent, JP-H04342400-A: Driving device for digital speaker patent, JP-H04344493-A: Multifunction watch patent, JP-H04345539-A: Integrated control device for automatic transmission and engine patent, JP-H04345710-A: Operation information input device patent, JP-H04345903-A: Time correction recording method patent, US-6224461-B1: Method and apparatus for stabilizing the process temperature during chemical mechanical polishing patent, JP-H04346274-A: Manufacture of photoelectricmotive force device patent, JP-H0434683-A: Ticket issuing device patent, JP-H04346880-A: Cleaning method patent, JP-H04347029-A: Shaft fixed vibration proofing device patent, JP-H04347211-A: Trench excavator patent, JP-H04347552-A: Mold motor patent, JP-H04348639-A: Fsk signal decoder patent, JP-H04349430-A: Active matrix type liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H04349983-A: Label removal of wrapping container patent, JP-H04350487-A: Defrosting structure of cold storage type refrigerating plant patent, JP-H04350721-A: Window display system patent, JP-H04351774-A: Picture recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H0435205-A: Electric adjustment method for superconducting cavity patent, JP-H04352798-A: Polypeptide patent, JP-H04353038-A: Tire loading device patent, JP-H04353105-A: Erecting method for bridge girder patent, JP-H04353747-A: Infrared analyser patent, JP-H0435388-A: Picture transmitter patent, JP-H04354124-A: Method and apparatus for etching patent, JP-H04354175-A: Laser beam machining method patent, JP-H04354240-A: Telephone set for isdn patent, JP-H04354288-A: Sinc shifting pulse generator patent, JP-H04354857-A: Al-containing ferritic stainless steel excellent in toughness after deep drawing and burned parts using the above patent, JP-H04355248-A: Traveling regulating post for magnetic tape patent, JP-H04355289-A: Floating type head slider patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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