Mold for composite molding


PURPOSE: To make a slide core work in the short cycle time securely by means of a simple mechanism by operating an angular pin before the operation of an ejector pin by means of a power source of an ejection mechanism. CONSTITUTION: Adjustment is carried out preliminarily so that a working pin 13 abuts on a working plate 12 before an ejector rod 14 is brought into contact with an angular cam 15. The ejector rod 14 is moved close to a mounting plate 5 on the movable side and a working pin 13 is pressed to move the working plate 12 in the direction of a template 2' and move an angular pin 11 close to a slide core 9, and the slide core 9 is moved in the left direction to release underneath. The working pin 13 is moved successively to move the angular cam 15 toward the side of working plate 12, and the ejector pin 17 is worked and a composite product W 0 is released from a mold without specified timing control. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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