Operating device for automatic transmission


PURPOSE: To prevent a shift lever from being undesirably disengaged from a state of its position regulation by making a disengaging action for the shift lever possible from the state of position regulation which is made by a shift lock mechanism for restricting the shift lever in a position to select P range. CONSTITUTION: When an ignition key-switch of a vehicle is turned off and an engine mounted on the vehicle is in a state of non-operation, a detected output signal Si from an ignition sensor 33 is not supplied to a control part 32, thereby a driving control signal Cr from the control part 32 to an actuator 31 also is not supplied. In this case, the upper end part 30A of an engaging pin lock member 30 connected to the actuator 31 is put in lock position. Furthermore, when the ignition key-switch of the vehicle is turned on and the engine mounted on the vehicle is in a state of operation, the detected output signal Si is supplied from the ignition sensor 33 to the control part 32. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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