Water purifying equipment


PURPOSE: To obtain water purifying equipment to instantaneously convert tap water to health water by detecting change in water pressure due to the opening and closing of a swinging faucet to control the aeration of ozone and simultaneously subdividing water with magnetic force of a magnet. CONSTITUTION: In water purifying equipment having a filter 5 to which water from a water supply part is supplied, a potable water activating tank 2 to which water passing through the filter 5 is given and which is packed with material capable of eluting minerals, an ozone generator 3 to give ozone to supplied water and a swinging faucet 47, a water pressure switch A controlling the operation of the ozone generator is provided in an arbitrary position of a water supply pipe from the water supply part to the filter 5 and at the same time a magnetism generating means 79 is provided between the potable water activating tank 2 and the swinging faucet 47. Therefore, based on the detecting operation of the water pressure switch, the deterioration of health water is prevented and simultaneously power source is saved. And the mineral agents are always sterilized by coming into contact with ozone to prevent the reproduction of bacteria, and also the propagation of algae and bacteria is prevented by magnetizing water with a permanent magnet. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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