Bonnet structure of tractor


PURPOSE: To enhance the mounting strength of a front bonnet and allow the use of a thick plate to enhance the strength by providing such a constitution as vertically having the front bonnet, and fixing the front bonnet lower part to a front axle frame and a support structure fixed thereto. CONSTITUTION: A tractor 1 has a front axle frame 1 protruding forward, and a vehicle accessory is loaded thereon. A bonnet 11 covering the vehicle accessory and the front part of the tractor body 1 is divided into a front bonnet 11F and a rear bonnet 11 R, and their top faces are inclined down to the front. The front bonnet 11F is further divided into a front bonnet upper part 11U and a front bonnet lower part 11D, and the latter is fixed to a support structure 12 provided laterally protrudingly on the front part of the front axle frame 2 and the front axle frame 2. The rear bonnet 11 is pivotally supported on the upper part of the front bonnet 11F in such a manner that the rear part can be lifted. The top face of the front bonnet 11F is inclined down to the front at an angle sharper than that in the top face of the rear bonnet 11R. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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