Automatic storehouse picking apparatus


PURPOSE:To eliminate a part return process even in a sorting work or the like so as to improve the part transport efficiency by delivering stored parts in an automatic storehouse directly from a picking rack provided side by side in the storehouse, and only pushing a designated button to automatically supply parts if the parts are in short supply. CONSTITUTION:When parts are out in a certain rack of a picking rack 4, an operator pulls out an empty pallet and a request button 6 of the rack is input. An equipment controller 7 detects input and sends out a picking rack number corresponding to the input rack of the button 6 to a line computer 8. The computer 8 refers a picking rack master file stored in the computer 8 with the rack number taken as the key in response to the input of the rack number and judges a part number corresponding to the input picking rack number. Subsequently, the computer 8 refers an automatic storehouse rack file stored in the computer 8 with the judged part number taken as a key, judges a storehouse rack number corresponding to the judged part number, and sends out the number with a part delivery instruction to the controller to drive a stacker crane 2.




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