Single faceted round back wire, oblique crimp connecting rod woven wire conveyor belt, and their manufacture


PURPOSE: To prevent longitudinal expansion of an endless belt when it is used at high temperature and under large load, by waving connecting rods longitudinally regularly, and by keeping individual coil of a spiral wire seated in an individual recessed part of a crimp rod or a pocket. CONSTITUTION: A belt 10 comprises a longitudinal turn of flat spiral wire units 16 extending laterally, and the units 16 are spiral in alternate direction and counterclockwise and clockwise directions winding. A spiral turn 18 of the units 16 is wound around a connecting rod 20 in each crimp notch 22 of the connecting rod 20. When the flat spiral wire units 16 are fastened to produce the conveyor belt 10 assembled with the crimp rod 20, because an interface surface 38 of the turn 18 of the flat spiral wire units 16 abuts a floor of a crimp notch 30 from beginning, the place does not have any gap such as a first gap 236 in a normal ware. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO




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