Prepreg and its production


PURPOSE:To obtain a prepreg, capable of readily aligning in constructing operation and remarkably improved in operating efficiency without scattering resin powder from a cut part by providing an adhesive layer curable by irradiation with ultraviolet rays on the cut surface of the prepreg. CONSTITUTION:In a prepreg prepared by coating and impregnating a fiber substrate with a thermosetting resin varnish, drying the impregnated substrate and cutting the resultant dried sheet, a cut part of the aforementioned prepreg 1, e.g. a cutting-plane line 2 and the prepreg peripheral part having 5mm width from the cutting-plane line are coated with an adhesive (an acrylic or an acrylate-based photosensitive resin) curable by irradiation with ultraviolet rays to provide an adhesive layer, which is further irradiated with the ultraviolet rays to cure the photosensitive resin. Thereby, aligning in constructing operation is facilitated without scattering resin powder from the cut part.




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