Gallium nitride base compound semiconductor light-emitting device


PURPOSE: To attain the increase in light-emitting intensity, the decline in driving voltage and the approach of light emitting wavelength to that of blue color in the light emitting diode of GaN base compound semiconductor. CONSTITUTION: Within the title gallium nitride base compound semiconductor having an n layer 4 comprising an n type gallium base nitride compound semiconductor (containing (Al x Ga 1-x N:X=0) and an i layer 5 comprising i type gallium nitride base compound semiconductor containing (Al x Ga 1-x N:X=0), the requirements of the i layer 250-1000Å thick, the light-emitting intensity of 50mcd, the driving voltage of 6.5-8.5V and the light emitting wavelength of 480-790nm can be fulfilled. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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