Working vehicle running control structure


PURPOSE: To prevent super pivotal turn in the condition a working vehicle is running at a high speed and enhance the safety of the vehicle, which is equipped with a reverse rotation mechanism capable of transmitting a reverse rotating power to one of the left and right running devices and which can make super pivotal turn through actuating of this reverse rotation mechanism. CONSTITUTION: A working vehicle running control structure as per the invention is equipped with a changeover lever 32 of manual moving type, which can change over a reverse rotation mechanism from the operating to stop position and vice versa, and a shift lever 42 of manual moving type for shifting in running. Therein a control member 45 is furnished, which hinders the changeover lever 32 from turning into the operating position (super pivotal turn position) when the shift lever 42 is in the high speed position, and which hinders the shift lever 42 from turning into the high speed side when the changeover lever 32 is in the operating position (super pivotal turn position). COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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