Plotter/display device


PURPOSE:To shorten plotting updating time and processing time for operating at a short updating cycle by updating only one picture storing part by means of single updating. CONSTITUTION:This device is provided with a plotting data storing part 2 storing generation picture data, a plotted data storing part storing data plotted in the past, a picture storing part 5 consisting of a pair of the storing parts storing information from a plotting/displaying control part 4 connected with the plotting data storing part and the plotted data storing part, switching means SW1 and SW2 provided in the front and rear of the pair of storing parts in the picture storing part and a display device 7 displaying picture data read from one of the picture storing part. The device is constituted of a pair of plotted data storing parts 30a and 30b which switch the plotted data storing part for controlling plotted data by two times in the past at every updating. The pair of the plotted data storing part is provided with the switching means SW3 and SW4 switched at every updating in the front and rear of it and a plotter/display controlling part 60 is switched and controls the switching means so that plotted data is mutually read.




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