Bar like article feed hopper


PURPOSE: To enable the adjustment of filter turbulence even during the supply of filters so as to feed the filters smoothly and to prevent the generation of a trouble by providing plate like bar article feed guides in the storage box side wall corresponding positions of a back face plate, and fitting stopper made of an elastic body to the lower part of each guide. CONSTITUTION: A storage box with cigarette filters enclosed therein is installed at a reversing plate 1. The top face lid of the storage box is opened, and a pull-out plate 5 to be a bottom plate after reversing is inserted between the top face and a supporting bar 13 to close the top face with the pull-out plate 5. The reversing plate 1 is reversed to join the storage box to a back face plate 2, and then the pull-out plate 5 is pulled out onto the side wall side to open the bottom face of the storage box. When the pull-out plate 5 is pulled out, the storage box of cigarette filters is lifted upward for removal. Then cigarette filters (a) in the storage box fall to perform the supply of the filters (a). The lateral spread of the filters (a) is prevented by stoppers 22, and the side face parts of the filter (a) group are placed in the state of being supported by bar like article feed guides 21. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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