Non-contact ignition device for internal combustion engine


PURPOSE: To perform excellent multiple charge of a capacitor by using a capacitor charging coil having a large wire size and the reduced number of windings. CONSTITUTION: A generating output from a capacitor charge coil 1 of a multipole magnet generator is short-circuited by a transistor 8. When a short- circuit current is increased to a value higher than a given value, the transistor 8 is disconnected to effect multiple charge of a capacitor 13 by means of a high voltage induced by the charge coil 1. A thyrister 18 is energized by means of an ignition signal generated from an ignition signal generating circuit 14 at an ignition timing, and the charged electric charge of the capacitor 13 is discharged through a primary coil 16a of an ignition coil 16. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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