Manufacture and device of job order


PURPOSE: To manufacture job orders continuously by transferring a printed and continuously output continuous sheet onto a table, sticking one part of a label under a projected state from the sheet, cutting the sheet at a specified position and extracting the cut sheet as the job order. CONSTITUTION: A continuous sheet 2 output from a printer for a computer is fed onto a table 5 by a roller 8 while a release tape 22 is delivered by feed rollers 24, 25. A label 12 is peeled while leaving one part by folding-back at the front end section of a release base 27 in the release tape 22. A suction pad 33 is lowered under the state in which the label 12 is peeled, the label 12 is sucked, the pad 33 is moved to a position B, and the label 12 is stuck under the state, in which one part is projected outside the sheet at the front end of the sheet 2, by connecting a compressed air source 32 to the suction pad 33 at the position B. The sheet 2 is cut in specified length by a cutter 10 and used as a job order, and the job order is held by suction by an extracting means 14 and extracted to the outside. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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