Laminated product and its fabricating method


PURPOSE:To provide a laminated product having excellent adhesive strength with an air-permeable decorative skin 5 and a fabricating method thereof by using a sheet-shaped molding blank 1 manufactured through a paper making method. CONSTITUTION:In a laminated product 7, a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin 10 composed of 5-14vol.% reinforcing fibers through a paper making method is interposed between an air-permeable decorative skin and a core section in a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin layer 9, the core section of which consists of not less thant 15vol.% reinforcing fiber content through the paper making method, and heated, and pressed. Accordingly, adhesive strength is improved by an anchor effect by the intrusion of a thermoplastic resin in the fiber- reinforced thermoplastic resin as an intermediate layer into the air-permeable decorative skin 5 at the time of press and curing and bonding.




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