Ultrasonic wave generation device


PURPOSE: To make gas hard to suck or discharge when the gas flows in by a constant amount by the rotation of a rotary body and to generate an ultrasonic wave which is considered to be caused by the 'shear' and 'expansion and contraction' or 'compression and expansion' of the gas due to the rotation of the rotary body in this state. CONSTITUTION: A casing 9 which has a gas intake 10 and a gas outlet 11 is provided with the rotary body 5 which rotates in the casing so that the gas can move from the gas intake 10 to the gas outlet 11. A gas inflow limiting means 2 which is installed on the side of the gas intake 10 about the rotary body 5 and limits the inflow of the gas to the casing 9 is provided. Further, a gas discharge limiting means which is installed on the side of the gas outlet about the rotary body and limits the outflow of the gas from the casing may be provided instead of the gas inflow limiting means. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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