Soundproof device for floor of vehicle operation room


PURPOSE: To provide excellent soundproof effect in a soundproof device of the floor of an operation room of a vehicle. CONSTITUTION: A cylindrical sound insulating cover 6 is arranged outside an operation rod 5 concentrically and spacedly in the vicinity of the through hole 4 of a floor 1; the one end of the cover 6 is fixed to the floor 1, and a sound absorbing member 7 is provided between the sound insulating cover 6 and the floor 1. Until Noise generated in an engine room 2 reaches an operation room 3 through the through hole 4, the noise is repeated to reflect on the inner face of the sound insulating cover 6 and the floor face while passing through the sound absorbing member 7, and hence the sound energy is damped. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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