Automatic performance device


PURPOSE: To speedily start reproducing operation when automatic performance data is reproduced alone irrelevantly to the reproduction of a CD, etc. CONSTITUTION: When the reproduction of automatic performance is performed along by a timer circuit which controls the recording and reproduction of the automatic performance irrelevantly to the reproduction of the CD, etc., starting event time data which is stored in an automatic performance memory and controls the time from the reproduction start indication point of the automatic performance to the output point of 1st performance data is preset as preset data 521 in an event time counter 604. Therefore, a circuit which reproduces the automatic performance after the reproduction start is indicated immediately detects the coincidence between the event time data at the head of the automatic performance memory and event time data 522 from the timer circuit and outputs starting performance data to a sound source. Consequently, a skip is made substantially for the time of the event time data at the head of the automatically performance memory. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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