Line of sight detector and camera with the same


PURPOSE: To eliminate the influence of a jumping motion by altering a gazing position when his line of sight is retained in a shifted position for the time longer than the fixed period of time in the case where the variable amount of the line of the sight of a photographer exceeds a fixed amount. CONSTITUTION: This device is provided with a line of sight detecting means (image sensor and driving circuit) 4 which employs the line of sight detecting principle using a purkinje image (image reflected from a cornea) and the center of a pupil. An image on the front part of an eye-ball in which a purkinje image formed on the image sensor 4 is generated is read via an interface circuit 3. Consequently the line of sight of the photographer looking through a finder, in which the motion of his head and the rotational motion of his eye-ball coexist, are correctly detected such as the camera. An operation for following is carried out by assuming the main object by means of the movement of his line of sight following a moving object. In this case, when the amount of the shift of the line of sight of the photographer exceeds the fixed amount, and stops at a shifted position for the time longer than the fixed period of time, the alteration of the gazing position is carried out. Thus, the correct gazing position can be obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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