Driving device for digital speaker

  • Inventors: HAYASE TORU
  • Assignees: Sharp Corp
  • Publication Date: November 27, 1992
  • Publication Number: JP-H04342400-A


PURPOSE:To perform high quality acoustic reproduction by remarkably restraining the distortion of an analog voice signal caused by a quantization error while generating the driving power with an accurate ratio corresponding to the quantization of the digital signal. CONSTITUTION:Weighting is performed on respective field coils L1 to LN wound around a center poll 5 of a yoke comprising a magnetic, circuit so as to generate the driving power corresponding to each bit of digital signals, and the polarity of constant voltage to be applied to the respective field coils L1 to LN is switched according binary signals of each bit of the digital signal using inversion switches SW1 to SWN of a polarity switching part 6. Thus, the directions of the current flowing through the field coils L1 to LN are set according to the binary signals.




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