Manufacture of photoelectricmotive force device


PURPOSE:To enhance power generation efficiency and productivity by scanning a YAG laser of a specified wavelength and energy density with a specified speed and diving a transparent electrode. CONSTITUTION:On the whole surface of a transparent substrate 1 there is formed a transparent electrode 2 which has an oxide tin layer. This transparent electrode 2 is divided into a plurality unit planes by laser irradiation. A conductivity paste 5 and an insulation paste 6 are installed on the transparent electrode 2 along the divided groove 3 and burnt. On the whole surface of the transparent electrode 2, there are formed an amorphous silicon layer 7 and a rear side electrode 8. An attempt is made to irradiate the laser along the conductivity paste 5 and the insulation paste 6 from the rear side electrode 8 so that they may be divided into a plurality of cells and connected in serial. Assuming that this laser is a YAG laser of a wavelength of about 1.06mum and energy density of 21J/cm<2> and over where its irradiation size is D and a pulse-to-pulse span is X, it will be possible to satisfy the relation of 0.5<=X<=0.85D. This construction makes it possible to prevent a drop in power generation efficiency induced by a cell-to-cell short circuit.




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