Ticket issuing device


PURPOSE: To prevent issue of an erroneous kind of ticket by arranging a ticket classification identifying means, which identifies the classification of a ticket to decide whether it is correct or not, before a recording means. CONSTITUTION: This device consists of a ticket storage parts 111 to 113, feeding- out means 117 to 119, a ticket classification identifying means 135, a display part 102, a recording means 160, etc., and the means 135 consists of a bar code reader and reads the bar code in accordance with the read timing of a timing sensor. Required information is printed on the form, which is fed out from ticket storage parts 111 to 113 by ticket feeding-out means 117 to 119, by the recording means 160 after it is identified by the means 135 that the classification of the ticket is normal. Thus, required information is prevented from being recorded on the ticket whose classification is erroneous. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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