Shaft fixed vibration proofing device


PURPOSE: To enhance vibration proofing characteristics by dealing with shaft deviation by means of clamping sections in regard to a shaft fixed vibration proofing device for a pyro-electric infra-red detector used for measuring infra-red rays. CONSTITUTION: Each clamping section 12 and plural parallel shafts 11 are interposed between an object support table 14 and a mounting table 13, and an object support table base section 17 is provided with a recessed structure, so that each damping section 12 can be pressurized. Each parallel shaft is composed of two engaging shafts, each engaging section is composed of a bearing section 15, and both the ends of each parallel shaft are composed of sliding spherical bearings 16, so that a three shaft fixed vibration proofing device with no shaft deviation can thereby be provided with the object support table 14 made possible to be moved in parallel with no fluctuation in vertical axis. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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